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Business and Administrative Office

8781 St Andrews Ave, Westminster CA  92683 

Tel (714) 903 1900

Fax (714) 901-9500

Corporate and wholesale Business Development - Order Processing  and Planning - Product Development - Product Support and Administrative Activities

Corporate/Wholesale Inquiries

Administrative, Accounting, Support

Post-Sales Customers Services

Design & Engineering Office

18715 New Hope Ave, Fountain Valley CA 

All Technical and Artistic Developments: Art, Graphics, CAD designs; Material Formulation and Planning; Product Implementation and Scheduling; Testing, CAM prototyping and New Product Evaluation


Warehouse and Distribution:

14952 Valley View Blvd,        La Mirada CA  90836

11412 Arbor Pl                   Cerritos, CA

All palletized pickups, truckers pickup for California, NV, AZ and LTL, TL shipping are processed at this facility - However direct RAIL will be done at our LONG BEACH station. Call our shipping dept for details


Main Production Facilities

1292 Scenic Dr, Costa Mesa CA  92626 USA

Production in California, Mexico and soon in Texas . We are looking to expand production facilities and warehousing in other States to accommodate future expansion


Mechanical Services, Molding:   1292 Scenic Dr, Costa Mesa CA  92626 USA

No 6 Bdlg A Taya Industry Taya, Taichung Taiwan ROC

Most mechanical services, CNC programming and Tooling/equipment development are done at this location to effectively develop the many intricate tooling work that can be so costly to develop in the US



Future Distribution Locations:

East Coast: Baltimore MD      US: Houston/Dallas TX


We plan to set up distribution warehouses in Baltimore MD to service East Coast and Houston/Dallas TX. Customers orders will be warehoused at these locations for your distributors.




Business Office                                        

 Design/Engineering Office                                                    


Customers Service                                       

Admin Matters                                       

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